But why…?

  1. Who is disadvantaged with this approach and how?
  2. Who is advantaged and how?
  3. What am I challenged by?
  4. What am I curious about?


  1. The enquiry bases disadvantages children that are shyer, particularly children that have special needs. It isn’t scaffolded enough to teach the skills that are necessary, and in some ways already expects a lot of the children. However, it could be argued that children develop at their own pace, and that with support enquiry-based learning can be great for children of this nature.


  1. I think confident and inquisitive learners are advantaged by this. As they carry out this type of learning they grow their independence. They develop many different skills through this.


3/4. I am challenged and curious by thinking how this works in practice. I am trying to think of what types of activities would be implemented.

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