My Learning: Stengths Weaknesses and my Timeline

What helps my learning?
How can I utilise this?
Thinking and learning about recent and relevant examples around the topic.
Doing my own research into the topic
Regularly reading the news
Watching educational programs

Explaining to outsiders (not learning the same thing as me) about the topic and telling them what I understand about it.
Having good friends that will tell me about what they are learning, and will listen to what I have to say
Keeping in contact with my family and explaining what I am doing

Working without music or distractions
Putting my mobile phone away when studying
Going into the library (top floor)

What hinders my learning?
How can I address this factor?
Too much caffeine
Drinking tea without caffeine
Taking advantage of the boiling water tap in the library.

Not enough food
Eating well and regularly.
Keeping hydrated

Working on something that is a massive task.
Splitting my work into manageable chunks.
Using coping mechanisms to make sure I don’t become stressed