Communication in Other Environments (Outdoor Workshop)

This particular workshop was unlike any other we had undertaken as it took place outdoors and involved us all getting physical and interacting with the environment.

We were all split into several groups, each of whom had a limited number of resources that we were to use to create a den. We were allocated 45 minutes to complete the exercise and this therefore meant we were under pressure and that one group member in particular took the lead to ensure that we completed our task in the time given.  We did not vote to decide who should be group leader because our task was time sensitive and this would have took up a lot of time. Instead, we decided to dive into the task and ultimately the individual who was the most confident and vocal ended up being the group leader. This caused no resentment because having someone to lead the group meant that the task was carried out more efficiently. Although all group members got along well, the group itself consisted of around six people and this meant that we each had our own opinion on how the task should be carried out and this obviously resulted in harmless debate and negotiation regarding how the den should be constructed.

When it came to explaining our ideas and thoughts, I feel like each group member done well because no one took a back seat and everyone shared their opinion. We also had materials and resources to help aid our explanations regarding how we thought the den should be built which made it easier for us to understand each other’s way of thinking.

The outdoor environment impacted our communication because the  wet and windy weather conditions were a minor set back and meant we were having to speak very loudly in order to be heard. The weather also meant that at some points we were distracted, so it was important that each group member was focused only on the task provided. Not all of us were dressed appropriately so dressing to suit the environment would have resulted in less distraction and the task could have been carried out more efficiently.

When it came to negotiating with other groups regarding which sources and materials to swap, it was fairly difficult because people from different groups were vocal about what was best for their den and had good argumentative skills. This meant that we all had to show the same level of resilience/leniency when it came to deciding what materials and resources we wanted to keep/give away.

Overall this workshop was very enjoyable and got us all interacting with one another and showed us the importance of communication when it comes to getting a job done.

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