Our little Acorns 8/11/21

In the courtyard this week we have been talking about how we get to Oakburn and the different modes of transport. Each day we have added a mode of transport to our area, speaking about safety on the roads, holding an adults hand and things that we may see on our journey to nursery. We even added some road shapes, to encourage our shape recognition through play. The children have also been busy creating their own traffic light and are able to identify the red as stop and green as go!

They have also been talking about ice cream and the different colours, we have identified our favourite colours and used this to create a sensory experience for the children using shaving foam! A favourite was strawberry ice cream πŸ¦πŸ“

In the Art area the children have been using different resources to develop their mark making and fine motor skills and different shapes. We used flour, salt and glitter to mark make with our fingers and try to draw different shapes. We used the dinosaurs to make footprint paintings counting how many steps the dinosaurs πŸ¦• needed to cross the page.

A few children were keen to explore our sea animals, the adults scaffolded their learning with a creative provocation and jigsaws. A few children developed their fine motor skills as they manipulated the pieces into place. G.M was able to make number β€œ1”, a β€œcircle” and a β€œrainbow” in the paint. C.M was able to sing the 5 little duck song with encouragement. The children participated in a relaxing sensory light experience as they learned the sea animals.


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