Expressive Room 13/09/21

This week in the expressive art area, a child said “I love sharks”🦈.. which sparked me to come up with a sea life provocation. The children from this were able to count the number sharks 1-10. Also the children were recognising sea animals that we had out, and a few children knew other creatures that lived under the sea… a child said “we don’t have any jellyfish”.

The children were able to differentiate the size between them small and large animals.

One child said to us.. that the shell of a turtle was to protect it from other animals eating it.🐢

The children also said that sharks hunt to find and eat fish. 🐟  The children used their exploration skills, word recognition knowledge , could identify numbers and were able to recognise and name lots of sea animals.🌊🐬

This child comment…”we don’t have any jellyfish” made me come up with this provocation. The children had to guess what sea creature we had make following the description. Most children recognised it was a jellyfish, with support to read the description, or by the example next to it. Some of the children learned that the jellyfish had tentacles and they were not called feet. The children counted how many eyes they were going to out into their jellyfish and also were using fine motor skills and shape recognition, the fine motor skills was for the cutting the tissue paper for the tentacles and the children identified it looked like a semi-circle for the head. The children loved creating their own jellyfish and couldn’t wait to take them home.

A child said to me.. “ you know your not allowed to touch the tentacles because they sting you and hurt you”.   The children have been exploring sea animals all week and have gained some more knowledge about them.🐋🦀


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