Colour explosions 13/09/21

We explored a variety of experiences in the courtyard this week, staring with a gloop mark making tray. The children followed instructions and used the ingredients provided to mix a tray of colourful gloop. One of the children said, “We’re scientists!”. When another child accidentally spilled some of the colourful water, the children were delighted to see how it changed the colour of the trays, “my one is a rainbow now!” They began mixing up all the colours, and adding cornflour to various parts of the tray, and described the textures.

Following their interest in science and colour mixing, the group took part in a science experiment where they made lava lamps using oil, food colouring and water. We then added effervescent tablets to make the bubbles rise. One child saw the bubbles rising and said, “it’s about to explode… it’s like a volcano”.

The next day, the children began using the junk modelling to build their own version of a volcano. We looked at pictures online for inspiration, and the children used their creativity and fine motor skills to cut, stick, paint and decorate their creation. The children have asked if we can add the lava next week, and try to make the volcano erupt.

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