Week beginning 13.11.23

Acorn Room

It was nursery rhyme week in the acorn room! The children enjoyed recognising numbers on the clock, exploring the 10 green bottles rhyme and matching the numbers on 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive! In our art area, the children showed off their creative skills by decorating their own version of Humpty Dumpty and created Jack and Jill’s bucket of water using a variety of paint and collage materials. At group time, each child individually chose their favourite nursery rhyme and sang it with their peers.

Story Corner

This week we have been exploring the nursery rhyme hickory dickory. We looked at pictures of clocks and identified the numbers. We put the rhyming pictures in order and also practiced singing the song incorporating makaton signs.

Block Play

In the block play area we were looking at “Hickory Dickory Dock”. The children were then able to place the numbers 1-12 in the correct order in the clock. We then used the clock game and were able to see that when the big hand was at 12 it was o’clock. Some of the children were able to identify different times including 5 o’clock and 3 o’clock.

Small World

In the small world area we have had so much fun during nursery rhyme week! The children learned all about the body through head, shoulders, knees and toes and we even translated it into Italian! Introducing different cultures through familiar themes is a fantastic way to learn!


The children were busy in the woodwork area creating buses for nursery rhyme week 🚌 we were focusing on the nursery rhyme 🎶 The Wheels On The Bus 🎶. The children joined in with some singing as well as woodwork to create their buses. The children used loose parts such as bottle lids, buttons and cork slices. The children practise safe woodwork wearing goggles and making sure their was only 4 people in the area ensuring everyone had enough personal space. We spoke about travelling safely when using the bus as a mode of transport and children responded with answers such as, standing back from the road, minding the step and never going anywhere without a grown up. The children explored numeracy, literacy and expressive arts throughout this experience. The children demonstrated symmetry when positioning the wheels. The children worked their fine motor skills positioning and hammering the wheels onto the bus. The children participated in a group discussion speaking about their experiences travelling on a bus and how to keep safe. The children then explored expressive arts performing singing wheels on the bus to everyone. Good job guys 👏


This week in the garden. The children have been helping make rockets. We have been adding water and seeing them take off different amounts of water made the rocket go higher or lower. We done a countdown from 10 blastoff. This was so much fun.💥🚀

STEM area

This week in the Stem area the children have been exploring aeroplanes. The children used different materials such as cardboard, paper and straws to make different planes. The children tested to see if their planes could fly and measured how far they go.



W/B 30.10.23

It was Halloween week at Oakburn,  and fire safety week ahead of firework night. here are some of the spooktacular activities we got up to!

Throughout the week the Acorn children have been focusing on fire safety 🔥!

We were creative and made some fire sticky pictures and spoke about fire being hot, one of the children told me “red is hot and blue is cold”!

In the garden the children used the spray bottles to put out the fire drawn with chalk on the ground. We pretended to be firefighters 🚒. Using fine motor and hand eye coordination to aim at the chalk fire drawings. We saved the nursery 🚨!

Woodwork area

This week in the woodwork area we focused on Halloween 🎃 we practised our fine motor skills positioning and hammering nails into the pumpkin. We discussed the different shapes we usually see on a pumpkin, drew those shapes and then used the drawing as a guide line to hammer the nails into it.

Fine motor area

In the fine motor area this week we have been creating fireworks using tissue paper. The boys and girls have spoke about how to keep safe and all of the different colours they see when the fireworks go off.

Small world

This week in the small world area, the children have done a wonderful job of decorating the area themselves, as well as, taking part in a variety of Halloween activities 🎃 👻 when asked what they found scary, the most common answer was spiders so we made our own friendly spiders and hung them from our giant spiders web! This developed the children ability to design and create their own models and was a good way to develop their scissor skills. The children also made their very own spooky stories! The were asked to illustrate and tell their story and they were all just so fantastic! We had a story about a ghost who was scared of the dark but by using a torch they could still join in all the nighttime fun! Amazing imagination 🌈 frightfully spectacular work everyone!

This week has been very busy in the art area, from making Halloween masks to firefighters and fireworks! These activities have helped to develop the children’s fine motor skills, their cutting and sticking and hand eye coordination. We have had so much creative fun this week, the children have made some fabulous pictures and have been having lovely interactions with our friends we have seen lots of amazing team work🎃 🎇.

STEM area

In the STEM area we have been exploring Halloween. The children carried out a pumpkin investigation, we carried out science experiments to create pumpkin potions, using cocktail sticks and sweeties we created our own spooky towers, the children learned about body parts by creating their own marshmallows skeletons.

Snack area

We have had lots of spooky food at snack this week!



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