11th October Creative Area

This week the children have been developing their numeracy skills. They have created their own clothing items and together we put numbers 1-10 on them.  The children have worked together and some on their own, have put the clothing in to the correct number order.  This has also supported the children’s counting skills and their number recognition.

This week we have been exploring everybody’s findings from their Autumn treasure bags. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed, I hope all of you had lots of fun searching for treasures.

In the Studio this week we have been exploring transient art, transient art by definition  is non-permanent and allows the children to manipulate, explore, and experiment with patterns and shapes in a completely process-oriented way. We have explored making self portraits using loose parts, the children then discussed how their faces were feeling and why they felt like this.

This week in the Studio the children have been developing their fine motor skills and their knowledge of shapes as they traced the shapes using paint and pom poms on pegs.

In the studio this week, we have been exploring our findings from our Autumn treasure bags. We developed our creative and fine motor skills as we used these items to mark make using paint.

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