11th October Courtyard Outdoor Music/ Rhyme

The children have been developing their numeracy skills using the loose parts to form the shapes of numbers. They then used the iPad to take a photo of their number, which was later printed and used as signage in the garden!

The numbers made by the children now label the pots and pans on our music wall. The children have been using a variety of items like sticks and spoons to create their own music 🎶 The items are numbered, so the children have been returning them to the matching number on the hook once they’re finished playing.

The children have also been using some of the loose parts gathered from the ‘Autumn Treasure’ bags to make their own musical instruments. They used their fine motor skills to thread bells and pine cones onto sticks using wool, and practiced winding and tying knots too!

The rhyme of the fortnight is “Humpty Dumpty”, the children have been learning this at group time and also been taking part in different activities linking with this.  We have been looking at numbers and matching the dots.  We will be looking at makaton and rhyming words over the next couple of weeks.


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