Sit Comm reflection- den building

1) Not specifically, we all individually chose a job which suited our abilities so there was no predominant group leader


3) We all took upon the rolls for example, one person collected suitable materials, another found a spot within the trees, another collected instructions etc

4) Everyone was included as we all individually chose a role which we felt confident doing. For example holly volunteered to hang the sheets on the trees because she had a height advantage.

5) I personally didn’t come across any challenges. We worked well as a group to make sure everyone felt involved and it was a really enjoyable task, I really felt like I used my communication skills and got to know others more!

6) The group explained in depth starting from why they decided the spot they chose, to the materials challenges and process they decided to take

7) instructions were clear however could’ve been put in a better order of instructions from start to finish

8) Planning- the group never mentioned about how or why they decided who’s taking on which role

9) I really enjoyed working outdoors, it made me enjoy the workshop a lot more even though it was raining. I think being able to communicate in a different study environment positively impacts me as I feel like I’m actively learning meaning I’ll remember the workshop more

10) use of word choice, more in depth explanation on challenges that we may have faced, time frame, ability, group selection

11) As it wasn’t a very loud area it was easy to communicate out doors. Using normal tone and volume of voice was our choice of method as it meant no one ended up shouting over one another. It felt like we we spoke the way we would indoors creating a calm atmosphere

12) sometimes I got distracted as I’d be looking around trying to see what materials we could use, I could have overcame this by having a closer proximity to the speaker

13) our negotiations were successful as no one spoke over another, we all added our own ideas and inputs, we all identified our strengths, we were all clear on our main goal and all took responsibility for ourselves and our team



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