Module Overview.

Prior to beginning BA1 course, we were asked to choose our option modules for trimester two. I had little knowledge of what was involved within the digital technologies module however, I am so thankful that this was the module I had chosen. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself over the last twelve weeks, alongside this I have learned and explored many different lessons I could use in my own practice. Through this module, I have come to realise the importance of digital technologies within Scotland’s curriculum in 2018.

Throughout this module, we fully delved into the curriculum, explored the experiences and outcomes and created our own lessons plans. I am really looking forward to using these plans within my own practice in the near future.

Before starting this module, I believed that I already had sufficient knowledge of digital technologies. However, my knowledge has increased significantly and I believe that I am now fully confident to use every device that we have explored throughout the past twelve weeks. The knowledge that I have gained  will allow me to ensure that lessons I carry out will be fun, engaging and educational.

Through reading, I had come to realise that many educators have feelings of nerves and anxiety towards digital technologies and using them within the classroom. However, a main lesson that I had learned throughout this module is that you can allow the children to be the educators and teach you how to use these technologies and include these within lessons. I am so thankful to have completed this module as I believe that I can now successfully implement technologies within lessons and the children will take away learning experiences which will last a lifetime.

Digital technologies allows for educators to create cross-curricular activities thus, enhancing and extending on prior learning. Overall, with the help of this module, I now understand the importance of digital technologies within the 21st century and has allowed for me to be creative when making plans for lessons.

Thank you.