Situated Communication Study Task – Feedback

Whilst working alongside my partner Lisa, from the video we found that our notes were very similar. Whilst comparing notes with each other, we found that the pace and volume that the teacher was speaking was age appropriate for his class. However, from the video, we observed that he was sitting down and due to this body language, there was a lack of attention from the class. From this, we discussed that he should stand up and this will provide him with a more authorative persona. Despite his body language, we agreed that he displayed very good eye-contact with the children. From this video, we realised the importance of reflecting and receiving feedback on your practice.

My notes were very closely aligned to my partners. In the video, I was shocked at how relaxed the classroom environment was, from this, I think this is a contributing factor to why the children were not giving the teacher a lot of attention. Whilst conducting these tasks, I did not struggle. I enjoyed watching the videos as it will help me with my own practice. I am clear upon the differences of feedback and judgement.

From the task, I will take feedback constructively and use this to work upon my own practice. I am very excited to start placement, I am looking forward to help children in their learning journey. I have always had positive experiences whilst being on placement and I am looking forward to being one step closer to being a teacher.

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