Reflecting on Reflection

2000px-Thought_bubble.svgI had always primarily thought of reflection as looking back at an experience or an idea and developing on it. However, as I have read further into it, I have come to know that reflection allows an individual to take a step back and question your work. It gives you an opportunity to question your belief and ideally see where you could be going wrong.


As a Student Teacher, reflecting on my learning will enable me to further my knowledge in certain areas but not only that, it will give me room to see aspects in which there is scope for development and also consider my weaknesses. In addition, reflecting at my assignments, will give me the fantastic opportunity to really think about where I am going right and what I can do to develop. It will allow me to take control of my own learning in various aspects and see how I can develop as an individual and as a Student Teacher.


Looking at Gibbs’ Model of Reflection (1988) I have been able to evaluate some of the main concepts that will go through the process of reflection. As a Teacher reflection will play a vital part in my day to day life. Reflection gives you an opportunity to consider solutions for your problems. Simple questions such as ‘what made today’s class success’ and ‘how can improve my time management’ will be stimulus to bigger and very important answers which will simultaneously effect my Professional Practice as well as impacting on my students.

Reflection is a process in which you can see yourself and your experience from a different perspective. Through which you allow yourself to question and to be critical about your work. Not only to develop yourself as an individual but to allow change to benefit others and the children who I will go onto teach.

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