Monthly Archives: September 2015

What teaching means for me ?

For me teaching is not only a phenomenal profession in which I can help shape a child’s future, but develop their skills and see their growth. Most importantly, it is a fantastic profession which gives me an opportunity to learn and develop my skills as every teaching day is different and it brings in its own challenges. Through my experiences in different schools, I have had the opportunity to witness the real life challenges of teaching and being able to tackle such situations with the help of the class teachers increased my self-confidence. Being able to work alongside many teachers gave me a true insight to their day to day work and increased my skills. I was given many responsibilities, such as working with children in small groups doing literacy to leading a P.E session. At first I felt nervous but as my placement went on I began to feel that I am able to understand and help the children more confidently. I was able to see myself as a Teacher, and work collaboratively with the staff.

My vision of a perfect teacher is one which can bring a wealth of knowledge into the class and share the knowledge with the students in a fun and interactive manner. I would like to make learning fun and engaging for all the children making sure I can personalise the work to meet all the children’s needs. Most importantly I would like to bring in lots of different teaching and learning styles which would make the teaching day more interesting.