My Learning Journey

From a young age, I have had my heart set on a specific career path. Each day I would enter my Primary School classroom and feel a sense of belonging within the brightly coloured walls. For me, Primary School was a safe, nurturing environment in which I could express myself and be treated with respect. It was a place full of encouragement that allowed me to improve my skills and knowledge without a fear of failure. This is an opportunity that I believe every child should be given no matter their personal circumstances.

As a child, I also believed that all of my teachers knew the answer to everything. It took some time for me to realise that this was not the case. As I reached the end of Primary, I discovered that even teachers have to research and learn new things regularly. This surprised me at first, however, I also remember feeling like becoming a teacher was an achievable goal for the first time. I knew at this point becoming a teacher would involve a lot of determination and passion. I was always inspired by teachers for this reason.

Throughout High School, my love for learning continued to grow. I enjoyed the wide variety of subject choices to choose from and knew I could never pick just one to focus on. Therefore I knew a career in Primary Education was definitely the right career path for me to follow. Teaching would allow me to continue my own learning journey and allow children to begin theirs in the most welcoming environment I could possibly give.


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