Why I want to be a teacher

As a young child in primary school, my school teacher stood as a great role model for me. A strong and positive relationship was built between the teacher and the class as a whole, making the class seem like a very positive community. This has always inspired my goal of being a primary school teacher, as it would be such a rewarding career path – one where I would have the chance to have a positive impact on the lives of many.

My weekly volunteering in a primary school brought me closer to this career goal in general. It was an inspiring and insightful experience for me, one where there were challenges but also amazing moments of development and connection. One aspect that stuck out for me in particular and drove my passion for this career path, was helping the children gain confidence in themselves, and pushing them towards their full potential. The potential possible within the four walls of the classroom was inspiring, stimulating, and made each day very interesting.

The stimulating and varied nature of this career is a key reason why I want to go down this route, no two days would ever be the same and this is a very exciting aspect of the job.