Monthly Archives: October 2017

Resource Allocation Workshop

During our first values workshop the group was split into five tables and each assigned an envelope of resources. The groups were instructed to design something that would help a new student starting at the University of Dundee. Each group pitched their ideas to the remainder of the class and the lecturer. During this our group (group two) noticed that our lecturer seemed to be getting less interested as each group stood up and talked but we thought nothing of this initially.

As the ideas were being pitched it became apparent that not all of the groups had the same amount of resources. For instance, we had various different colours of card, pens, post its, scissors etc, whereas group five had only a few paper clips and some small pieces of paper.

After pitching our ideas each group then made their helpful resource for the new student. Our group made a colour coded personalised timetable as we felt that the timetable was the most difficult aspect to figure out when starting university. Our timetable had a different colour for each module and removable tabs for the classes and events that varied each week. We based the sample timetable on my own as I had the fullest timetable.

In groups, we presented our final design to the rest of the workshop group. Just as the lecturer lost interest in the initial pitching of ideas, she also lost interest as each group presented their resource. It was apparent that the groups presenting later on were feeling unfairly treated.

Finally, Brenda gave our final designs a mark out of 10 and they ranged from group one getting a very high mark to group five getting 1/10. Brenda then went on to explain that she was intentionally acting this way and hoped that none of us were offended.

The workshop taught us that each student should be treated in the same way no matter what their situation is. Just because one person has less to work with does not mean that they deserve less attention or praise. I felt that the workshop was very effective in making us realise that we may act this way unintentionally but we should make an effort to ensure that it does not happen again. All student should be treated as equal to one another.