Where it all began… I find it extremely difficult to pinpoint a specific time or memory in which I was inspired to embark on the journey towards becoming a teacher.

Whether it was my childhood-self organising pretend school trips for my pupils and gathering money from family members to put in plastic sleeves, to be handed in to the non-existent office ladies, or the older – I hope wiser – self, reflecting on past experiences, and fondly remembering the impact certain teachers have had throughout my life, both in and outwith the classroom.

The thing that attracts me most to teaching is the impenetrable bubble of happiness and innocence you find yourself in when surrounded by young children. The what may not seem like a ‘peaceful’ environment leaves you with peace of mind. Not to mention, the feeling of nostalgia; being able to immerse yourself in the environment of happy memories, and quite simply where it all began.

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