Custom CSS

Custom CSS might be a bit tricky, it adds a sub menu to the Appearance menu in the Dashboard sidebar.

There you can add custom styles which will change the appearance of your blog.

The Infinite Scroll module will not work if you also active the Jetpack CSS module.

To use the CSS module:

Activate the Jetpack Plugin (Dashboard-> Plugins)
Activate the CSS module in the Dashboard->Jetpack section

Edit the CSS in Dashboard-> Appearance -> Edit CSS

For example on this blog I’ve changed the colour of the Headers with:

So all of the post titles should be blue unless you are on mobile.

You can find out more about CSS:

It might be a good idea to remember that the theme developers know a lot about design and CSS before changing things too much.

Here is a wee snippet to get rid of auto hyphens in the TwentyFourteen theme:

   -webkit-hyphens: none;
   -moz-hyphens:    none;
   -ms-hyphens:     none;
   hyphens:         none;

If you add that to the custom css there will be  no automatically hyphenating your text.


and this code makes the menu on this blog transparent:

.menu-item-type-custom,.menu-item-object-category {
background: #000;
opacity: .7;

menu-item-type-custom,.menu-item-object-category a {
opacity: 1;
font-weight: bold;

menu-item-type-custom,.menu-item-object-category a:hover {
color: yellow;
opacity: 1;
font-weight: bold;

This snippet will change the menu and post titles from ALL caps to title case on TwentyFourteen.

 .site-navigation, .entry-title, .entry-header a {
text-transform: capitalize;

.site-navigation a {
text-transform: capitalize;