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The Gazetteer for Scotland

While searching for some background information about where I live now, I came across a very useful site for researching where you live in Scotland:

The Gazetteer for Scotland

This is a Scottish geographical encyclopaedia featuring details and maps of towns, villages, bens and glens from the Scottish Borders to the Northern Isles.

It’s supported by the Edinburgh University School of GeoSciences and The Royal Scottish Geographical Society and bills itself as the first comprehensive gazetteer produced for Scotland since 1885. It includes tourist attractions, industries and historical sites together with histories of family names and clans, biographies of famous Scots and descriptions of historical events associated with Scotland. It also contains the text of Groome’s 19th Century Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland to provide a historical perspective on many of the places described.

With over 22,000 detailed entries, the Gazetteer boasts of being the largest dedicated Scottish resource created for the web and is growing constantly. It may look a bit outdated by today’s web site standards but you can easily browse the data by maps and places, including the pre-1974 county names as well as the modern council names, by historical time-line or you can just search for any word or group of words.

My Diigo Library

I regularly save links to web apps, utilities and services that I think might be useful or interesting to my Diigo library. Diigo is a free-to-use service that lets you save, tag, annotate and share bookmarks using a browser toolbar or bookmarklet.

I’ve been using it for some years now and it’s grown into a decent research tool and now lets you save web pages for reading later, highlight and annotate web pages, build lists and more. There’s also a social element in that you can join groups and follow other users. There are even some premium features if you want to pay them some money but the basic service is totally free.

So, in the spirit of self-promotion, feel free to follow me on Diigo or just subscribe to my RSS feed.