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Climate Change and My Carbon Footprint


After the lecture and workshops last week and reading the government’s Climate Change (Scotland) Act, I realised how much our actions in life affect the environment and the changes our planet is going through. Reading through the Act has made it a lot clearer to me how much really needs to be done if we can achieve the 2050 target of ‘the net Scottish emissions account for the year 2050 to be at least 80% lower than the baseline.’ I work in retail and have seen a huge difference in the way in which people use carrier bags. The charge of 5p per bag was a great idea as it stops people taking extra unneeded bags and entices them to reuse and recycle their own ones.

My results of the WWF carbon footprint calculator was 188%

“Your carbon breakdown

How your footprint is measured and tips on how you can make improvements to reach the targets.

    • Food19%
    • Home28%
    • Travel43%
    • Stuff10%

  • Tip Buy more seasonal food.
  • Tip Check your house for insulation and double glazing.
  • Tip Take up cycling, carpool, or walk to work.
  • Tip Recycle and buy second hand.

+ 3.06 Tonnes government expenditure”


I found my result incredibly surprising as I really did not think that my daily actions were so bad for the environment. Most importantly the travel part of my breakdown was quite shocking. I do tend to use my car a lot but after seeing this breakdown i will definitely be changing my habits and will try to walk to places which are not too far away instead of jumping in the car out of easiness. I  also think my family would like to see the ‘home’ section as we could all make changes in this area, one big one i think would really benefit us and the environment is getting solar pannels fitted in order to save energy. The tips from the website will all be considered and I will definitely be showing this website to more people as for me it was amazingly eye-opening and I feel that it would be for others too.

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