Detective Pikachu

  • How do you think Pikachu feels when Tim calls him ‘partner’?
  • When the filmmakers use the establishing shot, where do we think this scene is taking place?
  • The soundtrack during this scene is very gentle. Why do you think the filmmaker chose to use this?
  • The filmmaker uses close ups of Tim , followed by close ups of Pikachu during Tim’s dialogue. Why do you think they do this?
  • How do you think Tim feels when more of the Pokemon return to help Pikachu?
  • As Tim and the Pokemon reach the stream, a crane camera movement is used. Can you spot it? (Hint: a crane camera movement is when the camera begins to move above ground level)
  • The filmmaker uses more establishing shots as Tim and the Pokemon walk on. Why is this effective in telling the story?
  • A low angle shot is used when Mewtwo arrives. Do you think this is effective considering how Mewtwo is moving in the scene?
  • Towards the end of the clip, there is a dutch shot used to convey disorientation. Can you identify when it is used?

Credit: Laura McEachran @MissLMacDonald