Getting ready for the National Qualifications – another learner’s perspective

In the run-up to this year’s NQ exams we asked some young people how they are preparing for them and some parents how they are supporting their children through them. Over the next few weeks we’ll share their thoughts with you via this Learning Blog.

‘The countdown to the exams has really begun. All that teachers are talking about now is revision, revision, revision. Some teachers are making classes a bit fun by doing quizzes and games to go through the topics and I like that.

At home I am trying to do a bit extra every night. It is hard to fit everything in and so I have made a timetable which has helped my time management a bit. I get stressed when I can’t fit it all in. I know I have to have some free time too and I am trying to get the balance right. I don’t really like all this studying so I am finding it quite hard to motivate myself.

I have some specimen papers for the subjects I find the most difficult and they have helped my studying quite a bit. They really helped me prepare for the prelims too. I am going to start using the revision pages from NPFS too now.

As I am doing N5 music I try to play my violin most days for a change of focus. I have already completed the music practical exam which gave me a little sneak preview into the tension that overcomes you when entering the exam hall. This is my first ever sitting of exams so this part of it frightens me a little.

I have been going to supported study three times a week after school and some subjects have lunch time revision classes too.  I am going to go to Easter School during the Spring Break.

The exams still feel a wee bit away but I know that nearer the time I will have to prioritise a bit for the next exam.

I will be glad when they are all over….’

Pupil (S4)

(Take a look at the Parentzone website which has information and advice for parents and carers who have children sitting exams in the coming weeks. )