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The Scottish Peer Education Network is an initiative hosted in Edinburgh by Fast Forward. Peer Education is a term wide used to describe a range of initiatives where people from a similar age group, background, culture and/or social status educate each other about a certain issue. SPEN supports and promotes peer education and the work of peer educators, practitioners, and policy makers involved in this sector across Scotland.

What does SPEN do?
SPEN works in partnership with organisations, young people, professionals, the NHS and schools to encourage and enable youth participation in peer education. It works by connecting, promoting and supporting a diverse range of projects that cover a variety of topics and skills across Scotland. SPEN advisory group meetings are held every few months to allow members to discuss their projects, exchange ideas and learn more about how peer education is being run across the country.

Why should I join?
Join SPEN for free and you will be joining around 200 other peer education projects throughout Scotland, with access to the following services:

• Training
• Events
• Information
• Consultancy
• Resources
• Networking Opportunities

Visit our website at to become a free member, to find other Peer Education projects near you, or to simply sign up for the monthly newsletter featuring Peer Education news, funding, training and resources.

Twitter: @SPEN_Scotland
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