School Fest 2014

School Fest 2014 is a new concept giving all UK schools the opportunity to participate in a national competition.

There is a category for Secondary Schools and one for Primary schools and all the submissions are entered online by the school, therefore all UK schools can participate no matter where their location, as there are no transport costs involved.

The majority of schools in the UK have pupils who participate in one or more of the following:-
An end of term show
A choir
An orchestra
An in house school talent competition
Talented musicians
Talented individual vocalists
Dance, drama and other performing arts groups

This is an opportunity for schools to show their skills in performing arts to a wide audience across the UK
School Fest is a great way to bring the school together in all performing arts whilst creating an environment in which pupils can gain confidence and develop skills in performance and multimedia resources by receiving independent feedback.

All schools that enter will receive written feedback on their entries from experienced industry professionals who have no contact with that region and are not familiar with the schools or any of the pupils.
Teachers and pupils will have the chance to represent the school by attending the regional and UK finals at one of the six live Talent Fest UK events but this is not obligatory.

There is no cost to the school to participate, however, Chase the Stage Events will ask schools to make all the pupils aware that they can attend any of the live Talent Fest UK festivals throughout the UK on an individual basis, if they are talented and wish to enter the National Competitions held on the day.

Download a copy of the School Fest Info Pack.