Tigtag – new online primary science resource!

Education Scotland is delighted to announce that schools can now access Tigtag an award-winning online science resource for primary schools, free of charge through Glow.

We have agreed a 12 month national education licence with Twig World which allows Scottish schools to have unlimited access to this great resource.            

Schools across the country are currently using Twig on Glow to access almost 1500 top quality short films. Tigtag provides a superb addition to this resource, and provides valuable support to primary practitioners to assist in the effective teaching of the Sciences Experiences and Outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence.

It provides access to:

• background information, relating to the key concepts identified in the science organisers, and quality films to support and enhance teaching and learning in the sciences.

• planning resources, investigation sheets, practical challenges and succinct clear lesson plans, providing a range of contexts for learning which draw on important aspects of everyday life and work.

• interactive lesson packages to help stimulate the interest and motivation of all learners and support staff in planning challenging, engaging and enjoyable learning and teaching activities.

• a “What Happens Next?” and “Scientific Enquiry” section to encourage learners to engage in dialogue, developing their investigative and inquiry skills.

Explore the world of Tigtag and  Twig on Glow science with your learners through   www.tigtagonglow.com  Log in using your Glow password.