Flexible Routes to Headship Programme – Cohort 7

Join us on Glow TV on Monday 4th February at 3.45pm for a session presented by Laura McAllister and Kate Paton from Education Scotland looking at Flexible Routes to Headship.

During the session there will be information shared with regards to the programme content, timeline , key roles and responsibilities and how Education Scotland will support coaches and participants in their learning journey.

Our target audience are Local authority officers with responsibility for leadership development and promoted staff in all schools and early years establishments who are interested in achieving The Standard for Headship.

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Glow Exclusive

Finalist in the Scottish Children’s Book Awards, Catherine Macphail, in conversation with young readers on Friday, 1st. February 2013 at 2.30pm

Do you like reading spooky stories and thrillers?

Do you like books with characters who could be people in your school?

Want to know what it feels like to be nominated for a national award?

Want to know how it feels to see your writing turned into a film?

Want to know how authors get their ideas?

Well join us for a Glow Exclusive event for an opportunity to talk to Catherine Macphail, Finalist in the Scottish Children’s Book Awards.

Catherine MacPhail has won lots of awards for her writing and has won the Royal Mail Book Award twice. One of her most popular books, “Another Me” ,a spooky story about a girl who seems to have a doppelganger, is currently being made into a film-called “Panda Eyes” starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Rhys Ifans and Sophie Turner – which will be released some time in 2013. Look out for the Librarian-she’s called Mrs. MacPhail!

The Scottish Children’s Book Awards recognise and celebrate the wonderful talents seen in Scottish writing and illustration for children and arethe largest children’s book awards that Scotland has to offer. One of Catherine MacPhail’s books Out of the Depths (Bloomsbury) has been nominated for an award in the Younger Readers (8-13) category . The winners will be announced on World Book Day(7th. March,2013).

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and if you are unable to join us live make sure that you catch up with the recording in Watch Again!

Wise Up Wednesday: Healthy Eating Week June 2013

The British Nutrition Foundation is launching a Health Eating Week for nurseries and schools throughout the UK to further promote healthy diets, physical activity and an understanding of where food comes from and how to prepare it.  By registering at www.healthyeatingweek.org.uk you will receive a resource pack for your establishment. The website however contains a wealth of materials and information that could be used at any time.

As always we’d love to know what you are doing to support health and wellbeing in your establishment!

Enquire National Conference – The strongest link… working together to provide additional support

The Enquire national conference, in partnership with Scottish Borders Council, will take place on March 7th 2013 at The Tweed Horizons Centre, Newtown St Boswells

It will explore partnership working in providing additional support for learning to children and young

The programme will:
• engage and inform professionals across health, education, social work and the voluntary
• highlight how communications, relationships and resources are managed to ensure the best
support is provided to those who need it
• consider how parents, children and young people are actively engaged and how their
involvement is effectively and appropriately managed.
Price – £140
For more information visit the Children in Scotland website

Paper Creativity Challenge – Building With Paper

Our successful Paper Creativity Challenge continues and this we are challenging you to build structures with paper. Once again we have a range of exciting Glow Meets that you can become involved in – find out more….

Paper Structures – Monday 28th January at 11am

Join Syrah live from the Dundee Contemporary Arts activity room where she will demonstrate three examples of origami folding.Firstly the 3D tree using a recycled magazine, secondly the flapping bird a classic origami design with great decorative possibilities, and lastly the Kusudama flower ball. Sign up in Glow TV and find out what materials you will need if you want to work along with Syrah – Paper Structures

The Great Paper Caper – Tuesday 29th January at 11am

Once again join our Paper Princess Margo from West Lothian for an exciting reading! This time listen to the mystery of the Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers and find out about this week’s creativity challenge. Sign up and join us in Glow TV – The Great Paper Caper.

Scratch – Thursday 31st January at 10am
Join Derek Robertson and pupils from Newburgh Primary School, Fife for an introduction to Scratch and to learn about the launch of a Scratch Glow TV channel.

Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art – and share your creations on the web! Sign up and join us in Glow TV – Scratch

Remember if you have missed any of the challenges then please go to the Watch Again section in Glow TV and view the recordings of all the events that have already happened in the Paper Creativity Challenge.

Julia Donaldson Event – Running on the Cracks

The Tron Theatre will stage an exciting new show Running on the Cracks , an adaptation by Andy Arnold of the Julia Donaldson book of the same name. This new show will be staged in February 2013 and is a co-production with Pilot Theatre Company, York. Running on the Cracks is a fast moving new play about runaways, identity, survival and how friendships can develop in the strangest situations.

Join Julia Donaldson, children’s laureate for a Glow Meet live on Tuesday 29th January at 1.45pm from the Tron for this exciting event. Julia will discuss her inspiration for the book and will answer your questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to speak with one of the UK’s leading children’s author.

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Scottish Chamber Orchestra – A Little Book of Monsters

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s Family Concert on Saturday 9 February features a new song book for a chorus of 300 children – A Little Book of Monsters. With lyrics by Matt Harvey and music by Stephen Deazley the book is full of songs about the kind of creatures that live under your bed….

Join Stephen Deazley and Matt Harvey for an exciting Glow TV event on Tuesday 29th January live from Broomhouse Primary in Edinburgh at 9.30am where you’ll get the chance to ask questions, take part in creative interactive activities and find out what it is like to be a composer or poet!

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Wise Up Wednesday: National Storytelling Week

Picture of logo for National Storytelling WeekThe  Education Scotland calendar gives details about celebrations, awareness days and action weeks all covering topical issues relevant to childcare and education settings.

National Storytelling Week starts on 26 January and you can learn more about it and find relevant links on the calendar here.

We’d love to know how you use the art of story telling to make a difference to children’s learning. Why not share your practice in the comments?

Holocaust Memorial Day 2013 – Glow TV Events

Glow TV is once more celebrating Holocaust Memorial Day which is on 27th January with a series of events. Below you can find out all the details and hopefully you will be able to join us for some of them!

Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory – Sello Hatang – Thursday 24th January 2013 11am

Sello Hatang from the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory will speak about the work of the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory and how this organisation has helped rebuild the fractured community in South Africa. Pupils will have the opportunity to ask Sello questions about his experiences to do with reconcilliation and rebuilding trust.

Sello Hatang is the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory’s Head of Public Programming, and spokesperson. Previously he was a senior manager at South Africa’s Human Rights Commission. He participated in the post-1994 transformation of the National Archives, including archival support for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and is a former Director of the South African History Archive. He was a member of the editorial team of Nelson Mandela’s book, Conversations with Myself. Sign up and join us in Glow TV – Nelson Mandela Foundation – Rebuilding communities .

Holocaust Memorial Day 2013 – Monday 28th January 2013 10.30am

Join us live from from Glasgow City Chambers to take part in Holocaust Memorial Day 2013, Scotland’s National Event, with Jean Paul Samputu from the Rwandan Forgiveness Campaign, Sello Hatang from the Nelson Mandela Foundation and pupils from Shawlands Academy, Holyrood Secondary and St Anne’s Primary School choir. Help us to be a community together and build a bridge! Sign up and join us in Glow TV – Holocaust Memorial Event – Scotland 2013.

Rwandan Forgiveness Campaign – Tuesday 29th January 2013 join us at for 11am

Jean Paul Samputu is a Rwandan musician who lost almost his entire family in the genocide in 1994 and who now campaigns for reconciliation and forgiveness. Samputu sings in six languages and uses a variety of musical styles in his work. After the genocide and murder of his family by a man he regarded as his best friend, Jean Paul fell into a spiral of drink and drug abuse and was unable to perform music for several years.

Samputu is now a cultural ambassador for Rwanda and travels throughout the world teaching about and performing traditional African music and also spreading his message of peace and forgiveness. In 2009 he was nominated for World Vision International’s Peace Prize.

This will be a unique opportunity to hear Jean Paul speak about his experiences, about forgiveness and to ask him your own questions. Sign up and join us in Glow TV – Rwandan Forgiveness Campaign

Assessment Professional Learning Community on Glow

The assessment team at Education Scotland are developing a professional learning community on Glow, in collaboration with practitioners across Scotland.

There are a number of opportunities in our Learn area, including a suite of Glow meets from January to March 2013:

Date           Time                 Title

24.1.13      3:45 – 4:10    What is NAR?
29.1.13      8:20 – 8:45   The Moderation Process
31.1.13      3:45 – 4:10    The Moderation Process
06.2.13      8:20 – 8:45    Making Good Assessment Decisions
07.2.13      3:45 – 4:10    Making Good Assessment Decisions
13.2.13      8:20– 8:45     NAR professional learning resource
14.2.13      3:45 – 4:10    NAR professional learning resource
20.2.13      8:20 – 8:45    Profiling
21.2.13      3:45 – 4:10    Profiling
6.3.13        8:20 – 8:45    Glow to support assessment
7.3.13        3:45 – 4:10    Glow to support assessment

In the Share area, we continue to add a number of key power points which staff can use to explore the ideas in Building the Curriculum 5, including the ’10 key assessment messages’ and ‘What is NAR?’
You can always get help in our Support area and in the Change area you can add an intention of what you are going to do to improve assessment in the classroom, the wider school community, across the local authority or inter-authority.

I hope you will take the time to sign up and spread the word! And of course you are more than welcome to join us for the Glow meets and watch any you missed here: http://bit.ly/Teondr

Further titles published in series of Professional Focus Papers

Education Scotland has published further titles in its series of Professional Focus Papers.  These materials have been designed to assist those supporting learners as they work towards the new qualifications.

The papers highlight important features of learning which are enhanced or different from previous arrangements. They provide advice on approaches to learning and teaching which build directly on those used in the 3-15 Broad General Education in order to promote continuity in learners’ acquisition of knowledge, understanding and skills. The papers are also intended to stimulate professional reflection and dialogue about learning. 

This set of materials covers a variety of subjects at National 4 and National 5: Lifeskills Mathematics, Mathematics, Care, Latin and Classical Studies. 

Also available, at National 5 only: Dance, Psychology, Sociology and Economics. 

They come as part of the development of exemplar course materials across the full range of National 4 and National 5 qualifications, being managed by Education Scotland in partnership with ADES. 

The Professional Focus Papers are now available for download on the National Qualifications area of the Education Scotland website.

Wise Up Wednesday: A Wee Bit Mair Than Burns

Last Spring Jenni Curson, the development officer for Studying Scotland, wrote an article called “A Wee Bit Mair Than Burns”  for the “Early Years Matters” magazine highlighting the  Studying Scotland website. The guidance on the website shows that while there is lots of excellent, innovative and challenging practice in Scotland already, there has also been a tendency to focus mainly on famous people and important events such as Robert Burns or St Andrew’s Day. Many practitioners are keen to see good practice which allows children to experience learning and teaching about Scotland in a more coherent and interdisciplinary way.

Children from Brucehill exploring their local area

The Education Scotland website shows examples of how early years staff have widened children’s understanding of Scotland. Karen Bulloch explains here how Cherry Tree Nursery used Robert Burns’ birthday as a meaningful starting point to develop children’s wider understanding of Scotland. This page shows how Brucehill Early Education and Childcare Centre involved parents in their children’s literacy development, using the Scots language as a context for learning.

We’d love to know how you are extending children’s learning about Scotland to be “a wee bit mair than Burns”. Go on, gie it a go!

Burns Bash

Join us for our celebration of the birth of Burns and the life and work of our famous bard on Friday 25th January at 9.30am. This year we want you to be able to share what you have been doing in your schools and classrooms so join us for our Burns Bash!!

If you would like to share your Scottish poems, dances or art work then make sure that you are with us that day to let other schools see what you have been doing – remember we always need an audience too so if you don’t want to perform then please just join us anyway!!

Taking part in the Glow Meet is easy – just email Jen McDougall and let her know what you would like to do and she will organise a short test with your webcam/microphoe to ensure that you are ready to go on the day.

If you have any Burns/Scottish art work that you would like to share then please send that to Jen as well and that will be showcased on the day too on our Scottish Showcase Sharepod!

During the event we will be joined by Newburgh Primary who wowed us with their ukulele playing in our recent Scotland’s Got Talent Glow TV event and a piper who will be piping us in to our show and bringing it to a close.

So get your shortbread and Irn-Bru (or other Scottish themed foods!) and join us for a fun and interactive session.

Sign up and join us in Glow TV!

Daily What – Birdwatch Special

The first news round-up of 2013 will be on Friday 18th January at 11am with the usual fun mix of news, quizzes and missing words. Our guest will be Craig Leith, the Lifelong Learning Officer for SSPB, talking about the Big Schools Birdwatch (in association with BBC Birdwatch).

Craig is happy to take any wild bird-related questions, so get tweeting and send in those questions!
Sign up and join us in Glow TV.

Red Nose Day – Glow Meet: 6 February, at 11.15am

Red Nose Day is back on Friday 15th March!

Gather your teachers and pupils and join the team from Comic Relief for this pre event on Glow TV.

Get top tips on making Red Nose Day in your school fun and easy and develop understanding on how money raised can transform lives.

Comic Relief have tailor-made resources, easy fundraising ideas and curriculum-linked learning activities that will encourage laughing and learning in your school.

This seminar will also feature a case study from John Duncan of Westhill Academy in Aberdeenshire. He will be telling us about how his students led their amazingly successful Red Nose Day in 2011 – by having fun, raising money and learning through the process.

Join us:
    Wednesday, 6th February
    from 11.15am- 12 noon 

Additional and Complex Needs newsletter

The first issue of the College Development Network’s Additional and Complex Needs Newsletter is now available on the website. This newsletter continues the work of the Profound and Complex Needs Newsletter.

The newsletter can be accessed here

Win a Visit from Clyde, the Glasgow 2014 Mascot

The Game On Scotland team wishes you a Happy New Year with the offer of registering to win a visit from Clyde, the official Glasgow 2014 mascot.

Clyde – Glasgow 2014’s official mascot – has been busy visiting local communities over the last few months to let everyone know more about the Commonwealth Games and in the New Year he is keen to visit as many schools as he can. And your school or establishment can win a visit through Game On Scotland, the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games education programme. If you want to find out what Clyde and his creator Beth Gilmour have been up to over the last year watch the short film ‘My year with Clyde’.

If you have already registered with Game On Scotland you will automatically be entered into the free prize draw, and you will receive an email soon to confirm this.

But, if you haven’t already registered for Game On Scotland – now is the time to do it! If you sign up between now and 1 February 2013 you will be in with the chance to have Clyde visit your school or establishment.

All you have to do is register with Game On Scotland then complete the short survey monkey questionnaire with a few more details and you will automatically be entered into the prize draw to win this exciting opportunity. You will then also be able to keep an eye on the Game on Scotland website for further updates and exciting content over the coming months.

Register for Game On Scotland at www.GameOnScotland.org

This competition is for Scottish schools out with Glasgow City Council – Glasgow City Council state schools should apply by writing to: education2014team@education.glasgow.gov.uk ;

Terms and condiditopns apply: Game On Scotland Mascot Visit Draw – terms and conditions

Happy New Year!

Red Nose Day is back! – 15 March 2013

Want to plan a humdinger of a Red Nose Day? Leave it to your students, 

says John Duncan of Westhill Academy

Just days from the end of last Red Nose Day I couldn’t help thinking about the next one. What would my students come up with this time? ‘Gunge your students’ had gone down extremely well, especially with the teachers, and had raised three times the money of the teacher-gunging the previous Red Nose Day.

Some people think that running Red Nose Day is too much of a challenge – it’s time consuming and there are too many other demands on the school day. Our academy is testament to the fact that it isn’t and there aren’t, especially if you get your students to run it! In 2011 they ran a monster campaign, organised in their lunchtimes and raised a massive £13,000. Everyone had a fantastic time and no one missed out on their schoolwork. More than that, our students learnt and did things they might not have done in traditional lessons. They planned events, talked to local businesses to secure sponsorship and support and raised awareness of important issues. This really boosted their confidence and developed skills and experience that will be invaluable to them in later life, and will stand out on personal statements and CVs as they plan for university and beyond.

Just ten weeks before Red Nose Day the students start planning. We’ve found that starting any earlier can be counter-productive as interest and momentum wane. At the beginning of the spring term students are invited to Friday-lunchtime meetings. As Red Nose Day gets closer they spend a couple of lunchtimes a week organising the activities.

About 20 students sign up at the start, rising to around 60 as the campaign builds. Much of the organising is done by a core group of older students, with help and support from the younger ones. It’s encouraging to see the quieter students getting involved, those students who may not have much to do in their lunchtimes. The campaign gives them an opportunity to take part in something important and make a contribution, however small.

A month ahead of the day, the students launch the event with posters all around the academy. Throughout February they are busy planning and organising in their spare time – we never see a drop in the timetable.

Red Nose Day week kicks off with an assembly to raise awareness of what Red Nose Day is for, and why the academy is doing what they are doing. As with the other activities, the students run this themselves, using video clips and materials from Comic Relief’s website. It’s really important in motivating students to raise funds. When they see that the money they raise will make a difference to people’s lives they become more engaged and raise more money.

During Red Nose Day week the students hold a series of lunchtime events, for example five-a-side football, gunge, Wii events and lunchtime concerts. Throughout the week there is a focus on simple activities with small targets and small tasks. If every child raises £10, you’ll raise £10,000 in a school of our size.

As well as the smaller-scale activities, the students organise an event at our local hotel, which provides the venue and support for free. ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ was our last extravaganza. The students’ and teachers’ performances were excellent, especially the teachers’ rendition of Take That’s ‘Relight my Fire’. I think I can say we made it our own.

Everything leads up to the day itself. In 2011, in the last hour and a half of the school day, we had a funfair in the grounds with old-fashioned stalls and giant inflatables. Again the students did the negotiating, and generous local companies provided the inflatables free of charge. Everybody came to school in circus fancy dress and individual students did all kinds of things to raise money – sponsored runs, silences, dress-ups – and of course they bought Red Noses.

Which brings me right back to the beginning. What will my students come up with for the next Red Nose Day? Who knows?

But I do know that if they own it, they will run with it and make it a success. The benefits to them will be enormous and they will help change lives. And it won’t take over the school, nor take over teaching time.

And I know I can look forward to seeing them taking the lead and driving something through, if ever I needed reminding of just what they’re capable of and how amazing they are.

John Duncan, Westhill Academy, Aberdeenshire

Help needed to evaluate SSKS website

NHS Education for Scotland’s Knowledge Services Group is evaluating the impact the Social Services Knowledge Scotland (SSKS) website has on day-to-day practice and learning and development for social care workers.

It is also important to find out how satisfied you are with the material available on SSKS and the impact it has on your practice.

Complete the survey

For more information contact:

Lara Burton | Knowledge Support Officer | NHS Education for Scotland | 0141 352 2904

Wise Up Wednesday: New Year – New Direction?

Happy New Year –  here’s hoping that 2013 is a good one for us all!

Regular readers of Wise Up Wednesday will know that we (the Children and Families team at Education Scotland) have used the blog to share with you news about a whole range of subjects, which we hope will have been of interest to you.

These have included:

the early years professional learning community on Glow,

professional learning opportunities more generally,

information about relevant developments in organisations such as the NHS, and

resources which are freely available to practitioners to use with children and families.

It is important that this blog is helpful to those working with young children and their families, and covers issues which are of interesting and relevant to you. As we plan for the year ahead we would like to know what you think we should cover in 2013.

Do you have an exciting area of work that you would like us to share?

Is there a burning issue which is not getting the attention it needs?

Are you looking for information about an area of work related to early years, children and families?

This is your chance to tell us what you would like us to share on the blog. Please add your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you!

Take Part in the Paper Creativity Challenge!

Over the next 4 weeks we are asking you to take part in our great new Paper Creativity Challenge which will involve exploring the properties of digital and physical paper through a variety of different and exciting activities!

We start this challenge on Monday 14th January at 11am with a visit to Dundee Contemporary Arts where we will begin our investigations with a Paper Making Workshop. During this Glow TV event you will learn how to make delicate and wonderful hand made papers from pulps.

Learn simple techniques suitable for using at home such as how to create a smooth surface texture for printing on, soaking and blendng recycled paper, and then also painting with coloured pulp. You can add decorative materials to make designs and also create your own watermark. Join us to learn more about this and then try it out in your own classrooms or homes. Sign up in Glow TV – Paper Making Workshop.

We continue our challenge on Tuesday 15th January with a visit to Bruntsfield Primary School in Edinburgh with Catherine Rayner as she reads her book ‘Ernest’. Meet Ernest who is a rather large moose with a rather large problem. He is so big he can’t fit inside his book! What is a moose to do? Luckily Ernest is also a very determined moose, and he and his little chipmunk friend aren’t going to give up easily. Will they find a way for Ernest to fit in?

During this exciting session you will have the opportunity to read and explore the story of Ernest with early years pupils (approx 20 mins) and then Catherine will work with older children and demonstrate to them how to illustrate texts, in particular Ernest. Ideally learners should have paper and paint so that they can also try the techniques. Sign up and join us in Glow TV – Ernest.

And there is more of this challenge to come! Keep watching this blog and the Glow TV schedule……..