Invitation to the Fibonacci Project

The Europe-wide Fibonacci Project promotes and supports Inquiry-based Learning in Science Education (IBSE). It aims to help pupils develop concepts that enable them to understand the scientific and technological aspects of the world around them through their own thinking, using critical and logical reasoning about evidence that they have gathered. This involves group work, making arguments, dialogue and debate, as well as direct exploration and hands-on experiments. Meaningful contexts are provided by making links with the local community (companies, museums, science centres, associations, etc), where parents, scientists and industrialists can be involved.
During 2011 a number of primary teachers developed Engineering Challenges, in collaboration with members of the University of Glasgow Fibonacci Project team.
Inquiry-based approaches are at the heart of the Curriculum for Excellence Sciences and Technologies curricula and contribute very strongly to developing the four “capacities” which Curriculum for Excellence aims to promote.

The Project Team would like to invite primary school practitioners to participate, in collaboration with the team, in implementing Inquiry-based Learning in Science and/or in developing further activities/materials.


You are invited and encouraged to take up the opportunity to continue (or begin) to put inquiry-based approaches into practice from August 2012 and/or to develop new activities, with support from the Fibonacci team.

For more information or to discuss the project, please contact Ernie Spencer