The initial spark for my interest in teaching

My interest in becoming a teacher first began at primary school. Here I saw great teachers inspiring me to learn and encourage me to reach my full potential. As I passed through high school I was given the opportunity to go out 1 day per week to a local school and assist the children during their day. I enjoyed this so much that I went on to do an access course to childcare and was given 2 placements. These were in a school, nursery and baby room setting and they gave me a whole new perspective on teaching, having previously been the pupil!

My main reason for wanting to be a qualified teacher is that I have saw both the challenges and the delights of working with children. There is no denying the fact that the job is both exhausting and demanding, but it is also extremely pleasing to know that my input will improve children’s education, general confidence and happiness. This alone has made me want to be a teacher. I also get satisfaction from seeing the children feel proud of work that they have done, whilst enjoying themselves.

I also wanted to become a teacher because I believe I have a good skill set which is required to be a teacher –  I have a caring personality, I am confident, organised and have good work ethic. These skills were used and strengthened by my role as Student Rep at college. Here I listened to other students ideas to try understand their views about issues. I was dealing with people’s problems and working with other staff to try and get issues resolved. This is like working in a school, where you must work as a team to get effective results. Also, from working in a shop I feel that I have built up good communication skills – I am serving and dealing with customers and with the aim of giving them a positive experience within the shop.

Once qualified (or, IF (!!!) I survive the 4 years!) I hope to become one of the teachers within the community that is viewed as an excellent teacher, and one that both the children and parents are excited to have as an educator for the academic year. I hope that my role as a teacher will make learning fun, fresh and interactive for the children, aiming to get away from many of the old school teaching styles which can often still be found within schools.

2 thoughts on “The initial spark for my interest in teaching

  1. Jade Lumsden

    I think your style of writing is very appealing and shows off your personality along with your sense of humour. I believe having been a class rep whilst at college has given you experience and the chance to develop your communication skills and handling of difficult situations. I was also class rep on my college course so can relate to this aspect, it gives you an understanding of how to handle unknown situations and create a solution for these. I believe your experience of working within a baby room, nursery and school setting has given you a variety of ages groups to work with and an understanding of children which must be beneficial. You have good aims and ambitions which are clear to see, like you I would also like to be known as an excellent teacher who children and parents want to have teaching them.

  2. Mooney

    through reading your post, I can see how enthusiastic you are for becoming a teacher. College placement was also a great experience for me and i know that it helped me gain a lot of new skills. Being within a classroom with children encouraged me more into fulfilling my goal. I also agree that you would be a great teacher due to your skills and qualities which i know you will continue to develop.


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