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Reflection on Semester One

From Semester One I personally found that the Working Together module was particularly interesting and was the most related to my development in the teaching profession. This module really helped to develop my understanding of the different professions which I will work with throughout my career. At the beginning of this module I found it particularly interesting how the three different professions (Primary Education, CLD and Social Work) had different stereotypes of one another and viewed each job differently. This modules really helped my understanding of how important it is that we comprehend the roles of each profession when it comes to the care of a child. In reflection, this module has really opened my eyes to, not just the importance of teaching, but to the importance of a teacher outwith the classroom. The assessment of this module clearly demonstrated how useful it is to include the opinions of each profession and can result in ensuring that the best interests of the children are at the heart of our jobs. The poster assessment also helped me to show my understanding of the different theories of reflection and how these theories link to professional development and practice.

Overall, I really enjoyed this module as part of Semester One and found it very interesting in my teaching development. Working together with the other professions has helped me to broaden my understanding of the role of a teacher within and out with the classroom. This module will be useful in future when I come into a situation where i have to work with, and understand, the different professions.