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Den Building.


Group and Leadership

  • Within the group there was not one clear group leader. Everyone all took part in leading the team in some way.
  • It was informal as everyone was putting their own points across and everyone was ensuring they listened to them.
  • For me there was nothing difficult about working in my group as everyone in the group were friendly and were all hard working.


  • In my opinion I felt that my team mates were very clear when it came to explaining what we were doing when building the den. if anyone was not understanding what was being explained them someone else in the team would try to help and explain it in another way for them to understand.
  • When building the den I think my team possibly forgot the last part of the 5ps the postmortem. as once we were finished that was it done and we didn’t reflect on what we did well as team or go through possibly what could have been changed with the process which we used.


  • ¬†Being outdoor I feel made our communication a little less formal than it would of been if we were in a class discussing.
  • Changes I made when explaining something that I might not of used in a typical classroom setting was I was showing people what I meant by physically doing it and showing them exactly what I meant.
  • I feel that being the outside we had a speak a little but louder but not too loud to the point of shouting. we had to speak louder to ensure that everyone was hearing us. a strategic which we could of done to make it easier on the speaker and listener was possibly standing in a corner to ensure that the sound is slightly being blocked out.
  • The environment we were in could be distracting as there was so much to see. We could overcome this by ensuring that we are in a place which has the least activity so that people are not turning around to see what is going on behind them.


  • In my team everyone negotiations were taken into consideration and were put to the test to see if they would work. If what was being suggested was going to work we would then have a discussion to see if we wanted to change it or keep it the same.
  • I think that there were no challenges when making negotiations as everyone was listened to and there was good communication within my group.

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