Reflection on Health and Well being Videos

This week we were assigned to watch a couple of videos after out first lecture on Health and Well Being. I found the videos very interesting and quite eye opening.

Before the watching the videos I was aware that a child’s home life and health could affect their school life and have an impact on learning. However, the information spoke about really opened my eyes not only on how these factors can affect their learning but also their future development and how they function in adult life. It really made me think about how a child’s early life could have an affect as who they are going to be as adults.

I also watched the video given to us on sugar intake in Ireland. This was to be watched before our next lecture on Health and Well Being. I found this video fascinating as it really showed me how much sugar we eat without realising and how it can be detrimental to our health. I am very much looking forward to the next lecture as this topic really interests me. As future educators I think it is very important we continue to educate children on the correct foods to eat in order to fight the growing battle with obesity.

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