I found Tuesdays lecture to be very interesting and a real insight into how racism is still a big issue. Throughout the lecture we were shown many different historical events about horrific racist attacks and groups. We looked into the details of the Emmet Till attack and how he was brutally attacked by two white men. It shocked me how bias the legal system was and how to men who brutally attacked a child got away without any punishment.

It then got me thinking about how racism still exists today. We often see in the news about how police brutality against African Americans and how it is often overlooked. The world and society has definitely come a long way compared to when we look back at the brutality during the Civil Rights Movement. Throughout the lecture we were shown examples of modern day racism such as on social media and racist comments made by celebrities and public figures. This really opened my eyes to how racism is still so present in the modern day world, it’s just more hidden in some aspects.

It made me think about how as a future teacher I do not want this behaviour to be carried on and for my pupils to think that it is ok. You should view everyone as equal no matter their gender, race or background and as a future teacher I want to teach my pupils this.

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