We are still stuck in the past

Our focus in our lectures and reading this week has been “Understanding ourselves: values as embodied and culturally specific” and it has got me really thinking about inequalities in the past and how they have or haven’t changed in the present day.

It’s fair to say that many people have learnt about in school and are aware of the segregation laws that were enforced between white and coloured people in the past. Many people are also aware of the responses to this situation such as the black lives matter campaign. If you asked someone on the street whether society is on it’s way to a more equal outlook on race they are most likely to say yes. However it is very evident if you just look at recent news that this is not the case. I decided to investigate a little further to see how our society’s opinions are stuck in the past.

This is what appears if you simply google “successful people”:

Even though people would say we are on the right path to a more equal society there are still so many news stories and evidence that we may never make it to racial equality. You may also notice that all of the above pictures are not only white but white males. Once again another inequality of the past has appeared when I simply typed something into google. I am not a writer so I am finding it difficult to find a just way to end this post. All I can say is there is still a lot more to do in our society but as individuals we can try to push these stereotypes out the window especially when it comes to educating children in our classrooms.

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