How I got here

From a young age I have been surrounded by teachers in my family with both my Auntie and Grandmother being primary school teachers.  While these women have been clear role models to me throughout my life they have also had a positive affect on so many other young people’s lives. This was one of the main reasons I decided teaching was for me. I want to be an important part of children and young people’s everyday lives. A child’s education can have such a big effect on their emotional wellbeing and I know that as a teacher I will play an important role in that. To put it simply, I am aspiring to be like my role models.

As I have gone through my education I have taken any opportunity to work with younger years. Often this was helping out in younger years drama or language classes as these were my strengths in school. I also led highland dance classes for children aged 3 – 12. This time during my own school experience helped me to realise how much I do enjoy working with children and was another motivation for me to choose education as a career.

Looking forward to my future career there are certain focuses I would like to bring to my teaching. I am very enthusiastic about the benefits of learning a language and while Scotland is headed in the right direction for language learning in primary schools, particularly in the first stage, I would like to see a bigger push on incorporating languages into other everyday lessons in the classroom.

So that’s just a glimpse into how I got to be where I am today and what I hope for my future in primary education.

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