Semester one reflection

A whole semester is over already?! Where did time go? There are many words that could be used to express how the semester has been for me including crazy, surreal and liberating. Throughout the semester I have learnt so much about the society we live in through the “Values” module and my own opinions have been tested an changed significantly throughout the “Working Together” module. There have been many key moments for me as the semester has progressed which have caused me to reflect on why I think about certain things the way I do.

One of the biggest moments of reflection for me arose during at  the Working Together module. Before a of our focus for on the assignment, we took some time to discuss the experiences we had had in our peer learning groups. This, for me, ended in a massive breakthrough in my thought pattern. As a child, the collaboration of professionals in my life was poor. This led to me struggling with the idea of a variety of professionals being able to work together well with the child at the centre of the entire process. Hearing the more positive experiences of other people in my peer learning group challenged the mindset and stereotypes that I didn’t realise that I had.

Reflection is essential in order to become the best version of myself I can be. In doing this, the needs of others around me are often clearer and easier to see.


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