Health and Wellbeing TDT

By investigating food labelling systems, I can begin to understand how to use them to make healthy food choices. HWB 2-36a


This outcome has almost limitless way of tackling it. as part of the tutor directed task from a Health and Wellbeing input, we were asked to plan three sessions on at least on of the experiences and outcomes.

In particular I am going to focus firstly on the sugar levels in the foods that we consume. Firstly, the children could be given different foods and drinks and, in groups, order them from the product that they think has the least sugar to the product that has the most sugar. With an upper years class, they would then list the items in the order they decide in a table to work across the curriculum by using elements of numeracy as according to Rowley and Cooper (2009), children make connections that enhance learning  when learning is done across a variety of curricular areas.

For session two, the children will look at the label and add the actual amounts of sugar to their tables. they will then be given the opportunity to measure the sugar so they can visualise the amount of sugar they consume. This can then be used to create a wall display.

In the third session, children will mind map, then research, healthier alternatives. Allowing the children to look for the answers themselves will enable them to develop not only team-working skills but also to use and develop their ICT skills.

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