This pathway will provide you with a basic level introduction to digital learning and teaching. It includes support on the tools available and pedagogical approaches you may want to consider. 

This is a flexible ‘anytime, anywhere’ pathway where you can watch all the sections or just the sections you need. it will also point you to further professional learning pathways and our live webinars. 


Digital Learning, Teaching and Assessment with Glow Workspace

All Glow users have access to Microsoft Office365 (Teams) or Google Workspace for Education (Classroom).

Using digital to plan, teach and assess

Our professional learning content is split into planning, teaching, learning and assessment to demonstrate how different aspects of each app support your learning and teaching practice. This is in line with our This is Digital course and our Features of Highly Effective Digital Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Schools evaluation paper.

Teacher Leadership Programme Enquiries on Digital

The Teacher Leadership Programme enquiry program is run by Education Scotland’s Professional Learning and Leadership team. We have curated those enquiries that are focused on digital. 

You can view the full PLL enquiry posters collection here.

Digital Learning, Teaching and Assessment with Glow O365

Digital Learning, Teaching and Assessment with Glow Workspace

Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety

When planning to support learners with positive online experiences you should start with the Digital Literacy experience and outcomes for cyber resilience and internet safety (CRIS) within the Technologies curriculum. Our CRIS section has ideas, information and examples to help you get started with this area of learning and teaching.

Developing pedagogy and applying digital learning, teaching and assessment

As your digital skills develop these sections will support you with ideas and information that will help you to create engaging learning activities, quality teaching resources and effective assessments and feedback.