CyberFirst Colleges Project


Colleges are seeing a decline in the number of students undertaking the Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Cyber Security. Meanwhile, an increasing number of schools find it difficult to offer comprehensive pathways for learners in cyber security due to staffing and timetabling. This is having an impact on the number of learners progressing to Cyber Security courses offered by our colleges.


Education Scotland will be working with colleges across Scotland to pilot an approach that will offer places on colleges courses to learners directly from schools. The pilot will involve the college running a CyberFirst day where learners will be able to show the skills and knowledge they have developed as part of the NPA.

While attending the CyberFirst day young people will have the opportunity to take part in cyber security activities. These activities will be used by the college staff to assess whether the young people would be suitable candidates for the National Certificate (NC), HNC or Higher National Diploma (HND) in cyber security.  At the end of the CyberFirst day, all young people will be offered a place on a NC, HNC or HND course at the college.

West College Scotland and a Scottish based charity called Citizens of Cyber will deliver this programme of days.

  • West College Scotland – 6th March 2024, 20 places  
  • West Lothian College  – 4th March 2024, 13 places  
  • Edinburgh College  – 18th March 2024, – 18 spaces  
  • Borders College – 25th March 2024, – 36 spaces  
  • Ayrshire  College – 29th March 2024, – TBC spaces  

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