Teacher Toolkit: a beginner’s guide to essential digital skills for teaching (teacher digital literacy professional learning programme)

The Teacher Toolkit programme aims to provide practical training in using the most essential skills and knowledge required to use Microsoft365 or Google Workspace in Glow. 
The skills and knowledge are based on the Scottish Teacher Digital Literacy Framework but reduced to just five skills, ensuring that it is manageable and achievable for busy teachers who need time and space to practice using them.

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Digital Teacher diagram (landscape)

This programme is split into two sessions, offering practical hands-on guidance in using Microsoft365 or Google Workspace in Glow and covers these skills:

  • create, store and share resources using the cloud
  • ​communicate with peers
  • create and manage classes within a digital learning environment
  • share and distribute resources to learners
  • accessibility tools

Attendees are REQUIRED to be able to join in with the tutorial activities using their Glow account.

This YouTube playlist contains short how-to videos for each of the skills on this list:

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