Digital Schools Award Scotland (DSAS)

Digital Schools Awards is a national awards scheme to promote, recognise and encourage a whole school approach to the use of digital technology in schools.

The Digital Schools Award Scotland (DSAS) programme helps schools assess progress and recognise excellence in the use of digital technology at nursery, primary, special education and secondary level while providing practical support and encouragement.

Discover how the digital schools award framework can support your setting to lead digital learning, teaching and assessment.

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DSAS Validation

Hear from one of the Digital Schools Award for Scotland validators, Catherine Cunningham share an overview of the purpose and structure of the award framework and criteria.  Catherine provides helpful advice and top tips from starting your journey in registering for the award through to the validation visit and what to expect.

Tullialan Nursery School, Fife

Hear from Amanda Sloper, DHT, share how the framework helped transform the culture and how digital is now embedded across the early level curriculum.

Fintry Primary, Dundee

Hear from Jayne Mays a class teacher and digital leader share her insights and top tips into how the DSAS framework transformed and supported practitioners to embed digital learning across the primary curriculum.  Jayne will also share how the school have continued to provide innovate digital learning experiences for all their learners.

Braes High, Falkirk

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