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Reflection on semester 1

In the GTCS standards for registration; it states that both registered and student teachers are required to  reflect and engage in self evaluation using the relevant professional

The first semester of (MA1) Education, was crucial in allowing me to develop the foundations i required in order to progress sufficiently into semester 2. Throughout the semester my confidence grew as my knowledge developed, this allowed me to answer confidently in lectures and also allowed me to bring forward my ideas in group work.


throughout the semester we were given required reading to do for the next lecture. to begin with i seen this as a strenuous task, that did not have much point to it because i already knew about many of the issues that we were presented with, and so had already made my own opinions on them. however as the module progressed i began to enjoy the reading as I soon realized the reading was not implemented in order to make us change our minds or to inform us on an issue but  was in fact given to us in order to develop our understanding of why people think differently on an issue and the importance in this, in relation to professional development.

As a professional it is extremely important to be aware that although we may believe our views are right, many others may believe otherwise .This is crucial to understand as it allows us to come to a fair resolution that pleases both parties. in teaching this could be a disagreement with a parent on an issue that occurred in class, it is important to be able to view a situation from both sides, as it allows for us to create a good relationship with parents as well as being fair and not unreasonable.


overall by reflecting back on what i have learnt during my first semester at university, i have learnt that being open minded and open to change is crucial, in aiding me in developing as a professional, and therefore in future i will ensure i keep this in mind when tackling all tasks. along with this in future i will do my best to ensure that i view a situation or issue from both sides to ensure that i grasp a full understanding of the task or issue at hand.