COP26 Sphero Lesson Activities

by Laura Di Pasquale, Wellshot Primary School, (@LauraKeeney01)

Due to the upcoming COP26 taking place in Glasgow, the Apple Regional Training Centre Glasgow is driving forward training for computing science amongst its colleagues as part of the Digital Literacy and Computing Science framework. There are and have been several sessions available which introduce colleagues to resources and technology in order to develop computing science skills with a COP26 focus.

These sessions have included an introduction to the resources available at Barefoot Computing and, how to use Spheros to develop a range of skills and using Scratch to enhance block coding skills within the theme of climate change.

As a result of Sphero training, I created a resource pack to coincide with Sphero Edu’s lesson titled “Around the World in 60 Minutes”. This resource pack contains several activities ranging from early level to more advanced coding for the upper school. It helps pupils to develop a better map of the world, learning the names of continents and countries and researching issues related to climate change. It is designed to be fun and interactive whilst developing skills in programming.


Get Laura’s lessons here

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