Welcome to Bower Primary School.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to warmly welcome you and your child to Bower Primary School.  This website has been set up as an online HUB to represent our amazing, small school big on education.

We are currently adjusting to a new normal.  There are many challenges that this brings and I urge you to to embrace these with your family and our dedicated staff team.

At this moment in time, Digital Technology is playing a huge role in how we are communicating and ensuring teaching and learning.  We use Seesaw to communicate with parents and pupils.  Our teachers are also using Google applications to facilitate learning experiences.  The school has a Twitter feed that is in its infancy but we hope that in time, it will be another way in which we can celebrate all the amazing things that we do at Bower Primary School.

In due course, I encourage parents and carers to make contact with the school if they have any queries or concerns. You can find the results of our May 2020 Remote Learning Parent Consultation here:

Bower Primary School Parent Consultation

Learning from Home P 1- 4

Learning from home P5 – 7

I look forward to working together to get the very best for all of our pupils at Bower Primary School. In the mean time, you can contact me through the ‘contact’ section of the website.

Thanks and stay safe,

Fraser Thomson
Head Teacher