Growing up a teacher

“Because no two days are the same”‘ almost every teacher has said this when asked about one of the main reasons they love their job- and it’s undoubtedly one of the reasons I want to become a primary school teacher. In the classroom experience I have had, I have learned that this statement is definitely true and it excites me greatly. Teaching is not just about children learning to read, write and count, it’s also about developing life skills, helping children grow as people and, perhaps most importantly, playing a major role in shaping futures.

The fact that both my parents are teachers meant that I was afraid to tell them I wanted to be one as well. However, I feel that they were the people who influenced me the most because every day I was exposed to how rewarding the job was but also how much hard work it involved and how you can’t just turn up to the school at 8:30 and leave at 3:00. I therefore felt that I saw the real and true aspects of the job and thus was not going into the job with “rose-tinted spectacles”

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