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My Educational Philosophy

I am Alison Christmas in the University of Dundee studying for an MA (Hons) in Education. I arrived here by pure determination and a drive to succeed. After being told in 5th year that I should look into College degrees rather than University degrees I was completely focused on maintaining my grades. Once applying to several University’s and receiving numerous offers staff and students again told me that I should still think of a back-up plan as the likely hood of me getting these grades would be rather too ambitious. However, here I am.


My goal is to portray my determination, positive attitude and approachableness across to my colleagues and pupils and to never give up on them as I never did on myself. To expand my knowledge, skills and experience last year I used to help a teacher out in a primary class for a number of hours a week. I found this extremely helpful in broadening my communication skills with children, widening my understanding of how they learn and it has proved extremely satisfying to see how my support had helped and supported pupil’s development. I also taught music on my own with the overview of the Head of Music to two primary classes. This involved me planning the lesson in advance, delivering the concepts and getting feedback from the teacher afterwards so I could improve. This was a great development opportunity for me as I have improved my wider teaching capabilities. I also spent a work experience week in a nursery school working with under fives, this helped me appreciate the different techniques in teaching through play and early education.


I am very passionate about music and I studied to advanced higher level. From the age of seven I have been actively involved in a stage school, ballet school and school productions. Two years ago, I was the lead female role in the school musical production, “We Will Rock You”. I am a confident and accomplished performer and have been involved in many concerts, shows and productions often taking solos, significant parts and lead roles. The music department was where the majority of my co-curricular activities took place at school. I played and still continue to play the Keyboard, Piano and Flute and I am a well regarded singer. I performed in a number of different ensembles, orchestras and choirs. My main commitment was the School Jazz Orchestra where I played the piano and was responsible for tuning. Through my musical studies in the past three years I have been part of an exchange programme with a German school. This helped me interact with different people and let me see how schools work in different countries. I hope with everything I learnt from this that I can share my love and passion for music with the children.


I am extremely motivated about learning how to support children through their education and allowing them to develop. Over the past eighteen months I have undertaken many activities to enhance my knowledge and experience in this area. I am looking forward to studying my teaching degree as it will give me the foundation to shape my future career.