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Exploring Safe and Unsafe Use of ICT Through Drama

Despite a range of excellent resources and plenty of publicity, there is still considerable concern about the dangers to young people of the misuse of modern technology – ‘cyber bullying’, access to inappropriate material, ‘grooming’ of young people etc.

Although young people, when asked specific questions about the use of ICT will give ‘correct’ answers, there is often a mismatch between their knowledge and their actions.

Borders Youth Theatre will work with a class of P6 at Earlston Primary School, Scottish Borders using drama to explore the issues involved and to devise some pieces of theatre which will illustrate the dangers of mobile phones and the internet and possible safe practice.

The drama pieces will be performed and filmed and broadcast live across Scotland via Glow.  There will be an opportunity for pupils in other schools to interact and perhaps influence the performances.

Although there is no attempt to replace the many excellent sources of information, there will some material available which schools may wish to use to follow up the project with pupils and parents.

Sign up and join us on Tuesday 26th April at 1.45pm

Matters 2 Me

Matters 2 Me is a DVD that uses specially commissioned animations to engage a young audience. The DVD presents situations, characters and landscapes in a way that is readily recognizable as a diverse community in contemporary Britain.

According to the Matters 2 Me website:

“This unique DVD does not concentrate on outdated notions of “stranger-danger” and the threats that strangers might pose to our children. Instead, the focus is on the far more common dangers posed by family members and other adults who have power and authority over children. It also highlights the danger from other children”.

It’s a commercially available resource but there are some clips available for all schools to use on YouTube. The one embedded below tackles on-line grooming and would be suitable for use in upper primary.

New resource for ASN pupils

New Internet Safety Resources to support young people with a range of cognitive or communication difficulties, special educational needs or learning disabilities.

CEOP have created an animation and lesson plan/activity sheet for young people with a range of cognitive or communication difficulties, special educational needs or learning disabilities.  Three versions of the animation ‘Josh and Sue’ are available; ranging from mild to severe needs and an audio only version.

You can download the videos from the CEOP Resource area along with accompanying materials such as lesson plans and worksheets.

We have embedded the ‘moderate’ version of the Josh and Sue video below:

As always resources have been developed through working closely with an extensive range of disability groups and professionals working in the area.  At different stages in their development, the resources have been evaluated through a range of focus groups with young people.