RSA Report: Creative Public Leadership – how school system leaders can create the conditions for system-wide innovation

A new report from the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) sets out nine first steps to re-orient the role public system leaders might play.

  1. Build the case for change
  2. Desist from waves of centrally-driven short-term reforms
  3. Develop outward as well as upward accountability, to learners and localities
  4. Create and protect genuine space for local curriculum designs
  5. Prioritize innovations that transform approaches to assessing students
  6. Place intentional, rigorous focus on the development of teachers’ innovation capabilities, throughout their careers
  7. Redirect some proportion of a jurisdiction’s education spending to an explicit incubator program, tasked with radically innovating on behalf of the system as a whole
  8. Build systems of collaborative peer learning to support the adaptive scaling of innovation
  9. Put system entrepreneurship at the heart of system leadership


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