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1 stone + 2 birds

As part of a global economy and increasingly multilingual and multicultural society, it is essential that we equip the next generation of students with the vital skills which will allow them to succeed. Language and technology skills are an integral part of this.

The 2015 Schools Language Awards are now open – register your interest or apply now!

Why not apply to enter the 1 + 2 Factor at the same time? Both events are looking for exciting projects that encourage larger numbers of students to learn languages to a higher level.

Scottish schools who develop innovative language projects that also use digital technologies will be meeting the criteria for both events so while planning your project for the Schools Language Awards click here to sign up for the 1 + 2 Factor aswell.

The deadline for entering both events is the 30th June 2015 with the Final event for the 1 + 2 Factor on 30th September and National event for the Schools Language Awards being held in November.

The British Academy is inviting applications from schools, colleges and other education providers, including supplementary schools, that encourage excellence in language learning. A total of 14 awards of £4,000 will be made to winners around the UK, plus an extra £2,000 for two national winners.

Digital Literacy and Language Learning

So, children have no need to learn foreign languages? Well, all they will miss is music, poetry, theatre, humour, culture, history just to name a few fields. Not much to give up?

An interesting blog about digital literacy and the importance of language learning.

Technology can’t replace language learning but it can certainly do a lot to support it! Want to show how you are using technology to support language learning in your school or cluster then sign up to take part in the 1 + 2 Factor in Glow Scotland.