Higher Chemistry

NQ Higher Chemistry


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The Higher Chemistry course builds upon prior learning and covers key areas of organic, physical, inorganic and analytical chemistry. The ‘Researching Chemistry’ unit provides learners with the opportunity to develop and apply their literacy, numeracy, communication and scientific investigative skills within a topical, scientific context.


Learning and teaching

Find out about the design and key changes in the new Higher Chemistry course.  Browse through the new resources in a variety of formats.


Nature’s chemistry

Study the key principles of organic chemistry through the context of a range of everyday consumer goods.

Researching Chemistry

Develop the essential skills for carrying out investigative scientific research in chemistry, and then apply these in the context of a topic chemistry investigation.

Chemical changes and structure

Learn about fundamental aspects of chemistry including trends in the periodic table, structure and bonding and redox chemistry.

Chemistry in society

Find out how the chemical industry applies key physical chemistry principles in order to turn research ideas into profitable products, without harming the environment.

SQA Documents: Web link
Course Specification http://bit.ly/1gy9tYb
Course Assessment Specification http://bit.ly/1kBxHS1
Course and Unit support notes (the original document which has been modified in the succeeding pages) http://bit.ly/1lHPsPx
Assessment overview published June 2013 http://bit.ly/NmYzsV
Specimen Examination paper and marking scheme http://bit.ly/1qLinG9
Education Scotland learning materials: http://bit.ly/1kByEtG
Audio interviews about the changes to Higher Chemistry http://bit.ly/1mczct0
All Education Scotland materials (linked in this document for each relevant content) in the one place. http://bit.ly/1g2tpUq
Researching chemistry Unit support materials: http://bit.ly/1kByEtG
Unit Specification http://bit.ly/1d6qfi6
Video, presentations and notes on key skills http://bit.ly/1kByL8t
Topical investigations on alcohols and antioxidants http://bit.ly/1nxslvJ